【《We Chinese in AmericaMedia Editor Tang Zhao, November 2, 2022As a continuous effort to enhance our valuable service to We Chinese in America website readers, We Chinese in America website posts US Army recruitment information directly received from the US Army Recruiting Command headquarter office at Fort Knox, Kentucky. We are pleased to take on this important role partnering with US Army Recruiting Command (USREC) and be a part of the USREC’s Partnership Outreach Program to better inform the public.

College Loan Repayment Program updates for FY2023

By Capt. Memory Strickland USAREC Public Affairs

Future Soldiers with qualifying student loans may be eligible to receive up to $65,000 of student loan debt repayment as part of their U.S. Army enlistment contract. The Loan Repayment Program is available for new applicants in select military occupational specialties.

Applicants must have the LRP guaranteed in their initial contract to receive the benefits and are required to complete at least five years of service.

Qualified Soldiers will receive up to $65,000, paid in installments, beginning after they have completed one year of service, provided all initial entry training has been completed. The payments are made directly to the lender with an annual cap of 33.3% or the total outstanding principal or $1,500, whichever is greater.

Soldiers qualify for the LRP based on the MOS they choose when signing their contract, and the Soldier must remain in that MOS to continue receiving the payments toward their loan.

A few of the occupations as of 1 OCT 2022 that will include LRP eligibility are:

-Psychological operations specialist (37F): specialize in creating information used to directly influence and engage audiences.

-Culinary specialist (92G): responsible for preparing and servicing meals both in the field and at home stations, as well as ordering and inspecting food supplies, and keeping the kitchen safe and sanitary.

-Parachute Rigger (92R): responsible to inspect, test and pack parachutes, their extraction and release systems, and all the associated components of the parachute system.

Soldiers participating in the program should be advised the Army will only pay on the remaining original unpaid principal of the loan. LRP does not include any taxes or interest incurred on the loan. The Soldier must also be in good standing with the loan. Soldiers using the LRP must decline enrollment in the Montgomery GI Bill.

For more information about career opportunities and benefits in the U.S. Army, visit www.goarmy.com.

(Source: USAREC Public Affairs)

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