President Biden announced on the 13th that the federal government will double the distribution of 1 billion free home Omicron testing kits and N95 or KN95 masks. The picture shows the YMCA in Los Angeles giving out free KN95 masks. (Getty Images)

(We Chinese in America Media Editor Tang Zhao, January 14, 2022) President Biden announced on the 13th that the federal government will launch a website for people to register for Omicron test kits next week, double the distribution of 1 billion free home new crown test kits and N95 masks, and dispatch 1,000 military doctors to relieve the pressure on hospitals. He also called on the media to curb misinformation about the outbreak and vaccines.

The first batch of test kits will be distributed next week

On the other hand, Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont) and 50 Democratic members of Congress have proposed a bill on the 12th that requires the federal government to issue N95 masks to every American.

The Omicron variant virus has led to a sharp increase in cases. Biden said he has asked the government team to double the purchase of Omicron test kits, expanding from the original order of 500 million boxes to 1 billion boxes; the first batch of test kits will be distributed next week, when the federal government website will also be launched for Americans to register for free test kits, while additional test kits will be distributed in the coming months.

1,000 Military doctors were dispatched to the hardest-hit areas

Biden also announced at the White House that starting next week, 1,000 military medical personnel will be dispatched to many cities across the country to alleviate the shortage of medical personnel caused by the epidemic; Biden pointed out that the newly dispatched military medical team will be deployed in the hardest-hit areas. Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, and Rhode Island.

"High-quality" N95 masks will also be distributed

Biden also announced for the first time that the government plans to produce and distribute "high-quality" N95 masks, which are currently the most effective masks for epidemic prevention. Further details will be announced next week. The White House said earlier this week that the federal government has more than 750,000 N95 masks.

Biden admitted frankly that the United States entered the new year but saw a record high number of cases. He knew that everyone was frustrated, but he emphasized that this was a "pandemic of the unvaccinated"; although it is possible to contract the virus whether it is vaccinated against the new crown, Biden cited medical figures showing that the probability of severe illness and death after vaccination will be much lower. "Whether or not vaccinated will lead to very different consequences."

Biden calls on the media to curb fake news about the epidemic.

Biden finally called on the media to curb false information about the epidemic. "I would like to specifically ask social media companies and the media to deal with the wrong and false news on your platforms. This must stop."

Sanders proposed the "Masks for All Act" draft in 2020, requiring the federal government to issue a box of N95 masks to every American. On the 12th, he raised the case with 50 Democrats. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and White House Epidemic Prevention Coordinator Jeff Zients said the Biden administration is now actively seeking ways to make it easier for the public to obtain N95 masks.

Sanders pointed out that the federal government should provide free high-quality N95 masks to all people to avoid death and suffering and save the medical system considerable costs.

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