(We Chinese in America Media Editor Tang Zhao, February 2, 2022) California comptroller candidate Yvonne Yiu launched a video advertisement during the Spring Festival of the Tiger Year. (Photo from Yvonne Yiu campaign headquarters)

State Controller candidate Yvonne Yiu released a video campaign ad for the Chinese New Year, calling on voters, especially fellow Democrats, to give their full support.

https://youtu.be/y25pXsVdlTE (Video source: Yvonne Yiu)

Yvonne Yiu pointed out that since childhood, she saw her mother working hard to create a better future for herself and her sisters. She is very grateful for the opportunity she must be successful. Now, she's running for California's comptroller to ensure everyone has the same opportunity, a quality education, a well-paying job, and the ability to live and work in a safe and thriving community.

Yvonne Yiu said that if elected California Comptroller, she will use her 25 years of financial experience to help rebuild California's economy and ensure that everyone has a chance to achieve the American Dream. "I will always fight for you, and together we can secure California's future."

(Source: Compiled from Online Information)


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