【《We Chinese in America》Media Editor Hugh Wang, May 16, 2024】We’re proud to present another year of exceptional music, featuring talented
artists from around the country alongside San Diego favorites.

2024 Bel Canto Poster 4rows Review S

Vocal Highlights:

César Andrés Parreño: This captivating tenor, attending Juilliard school of Music, the first
and only Ecuadorian to attend the prestigious school, will grace the stage with his mesmerizing
voice, praised by the Wall Street Journal and Opera Today. He's also a 2023 Duncan Williams
Voice Competition winner (Emerging Artist).

Becca Ung: San Diego's own mezzo-soprano returns, having impressed audiences with her
beautiful voice in "Romance of the Western Chamber." as Lady Tsui. She will perform two
pieces, including the beloved "La Serenata," accompanied by her father, Rev. Tang, on violin.

Instrumental Delights:

Instrument Trio: Experience the masterful sounds of Daniel Grave (cello), Elena Yarritu
(flute), and ChoHyun Park (piano). These accomplished local musicians and educators will
treat you to their artistry.

Chinese Instrument Duos: Immerse yourself in the unique sounds of Weiping Wang on the
Yangqin (Chinese dulcimer) and Hao Wen on the Guzheng.

Returning Veterans: Violinist Filip Pogady and saxophonist Todd Rewoldt bring their
passion and expertise back to the stage, ready to enthrall the audience.

Grand Finale: Carmen Extravaganza

Don't miss our exciting finale! Be captivated by Cesar’s rendition of the famed "Flower Song"
from Carmen, followed by Becca's powerful "Habanera," accompanied by the Chinese Choral
Society. To conclude, Filip and Todd will present a unique interpretation of "Carmen Fantasy"
on violin and saxophone, joined by phenomenon pianists, Lesi Mei and ChoHyun Park.

Join Us!

Experience an evening filled with beautiful music and exciting performances. Your presence
will add to the magic of this concert. We look forward to seeing you there and thank you for
supporting these talented musicians!


Concert Info:

Time: Saturday, June 1, 2024, 7:00 pm

WHERE: Good Samaritan Episcopal Church, 4321 Eastgate Mall, San Diego, CA 92121 (near UTC Mall)

Suggested Donation: $25/person; Contact: (858) 952-4993

Purchase tickets online: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/belcanto-ensemble-2024-tickets-899592614727?aff=oddtdtcreator

Bel 2024 flyer

(Source: Bel canto Performance Fundation)


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