(We Chinese in America Media Editor Tang Zhao, February 5, 2022) Live performance at the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was directed by Zhang Yimou. (Associated Press)

The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics was held at 20:00 on the evening of the 4th. The integration of technology and art became a highlight of the opening ceremony. At the opening ceremony, the audience saw the application of AI, AR, naked eye 3D and other technologies. For the first time, the entire bird's nest has achieved full LED images, with a picture quality of 16K. The day of the opening ceremony happened to be the "Li Chun" in China's 24 solar terms. With this coincidence, Zhang Yimou's team counted down from 24. "From the first second of the opening ceremony, there is a definition of Chinese culture."

Beijing Daily reported that the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics attracted the attention of the audience with elements such as grass, dandelion seeds, ice cubes and snowflakes.

Zhang Yimou revealed that he was surprised when he found this coincidence, and even asked the staff in charge of the bid for the Winter Olympics, did he specifically choose the opening ceremony on Lichun? "They told me that it wasn't specifically chosen. The bid for the Winter Olympics is a very complicated process, and a combination of factors has locked in February 4th. Ouch, I think that's a coincidence! It's a good starting point., let us know how to complete the countdown."

With the coincidence of the beginning of spring, Zhang Yimou's team decided to start from the perspective of Chinese culture, choose the twenty-four solar terms, and count down from 24. "From the very first second of the opening ceremony, there is a definition of Chinese culture."

Various visual effects of the opening ceremony were presented by the joint efforts of designers, data engineers and engineers in the fields of technology and art.

Wang Zhiou, the visual effects director of the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, pointed out through CCTV news, "The pixels of this Winter Olympics performance are very high, it is a giant screen with a resolution of 14,000, a giant screen with a light-emitting screen of more than 10,000 screens. 50 frames per second. So, after the whole content is finished, every time a program is several terabytes of data, you can imagine that it is a very large digital technology project.”

02 05 2022 Winter Olympic Opening 1 Photo


02 05 2022 Winter Olympic Opening 3 Photo

The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics counts down to the twenty-four solar terms. (Photo taken from Weibo)

(Source: World Journal Network)


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