(We Chinese in America Media Editor Tang Zhao, February 5, 2022) The trumpeter played the melody of "Me and My Country". ((Xinhua News Agency)

The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics was held on the evening of the 4th local time. First, there were 24 solar terms, and then the five rings of the Winter Olympics were unveiled in a way of "breaking through the ice". Then the dandelion shape released fireworks in spring and English, followed by 56 famous ethnic groups. and representatives of all walks of life passed the national flag, and beside them, a boy playing a trumpet became the focus.

During the passing of the Chinese flag, a young boy stood under the flagpole and played the loud Chinese national anthem " My Motherland and Me" with a trumpet, which became the highlight.

The little boy, dressed in white, played the loud Chinese national anthem "My Motherland and Me" with a trumpet. Although he was small, he did not make any mistakes and played very smoothly. This little boy seems to become famous overnight, just like Lin Miaoke in 2008.

Zhang Sun, director of the Dance Department of Beijing Normal University, said that when selecting young actors, the chief director first asked for a strong professional level, and then hoped to be as young as possible, which are hard to have in the adult world.”

This little boy is only 9 years old, and his name is Zhu Deen. He has gone through layers of selection throughout Beijing and even across the country and has successfully stood out. In fact, there are 2 children around him, but they have become "supporting roles" this time.

In addition to Zhu Deen, the other two are 9-year-old Liu Haoran and 13-year-old Liang Tong. Although they did not appear on the stage, to ensure the safety of the opening ceremony, on February 4, the two children still got up early and were on time. Come to the bird's nest to do all kinds of preparations. Regarding the two of them, the sub-screen director Tao Wenting said: "There are many factors to be considered in large-scale events. If they are not selected, it does not mean that the children are not good. I believe that they will all become great performers in the future."

The duration of the playing part of "My Motherland and Me" is more than 1 minute. The professional difficulty is not very high, but the emotional depth it requires is difficult for children to understand. For this reason, in daily life, Liu Haoran's mother Hao Dongyuan, Liang Tong's father Liang Yanqiu thought of many ways. "Since the child was born, I have never left him." Hao Dongyuan will let the child try to understand the grand "motherland" as a mother and keep approaching the pure affection described by "inseparable for a moment"; Liang Yanqiu told the child a lot of stories about the motherland and about growing up.

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