Interview of Alan Lu-Sui

interviewed by Emma Nichols

In school Alan likes math, reading, and spelling. His favorite class is h2. His favorite teachers are Mr. Maris and Mrs.Goff because they are nice. He learned how to draw at Schanc Creek and All star Academy. He started drawing at age 5. his most memorable event is the art competition. He likes soccer, art, Lego's, playdates, reading, math, and handball. He knows that in china they celebrate with lanterns and they give kids red envolop with m0ney inside and the dragons are also a part of the celabration. He got his knowledge at his house and at chinees school. He is most imprest by seeingalot of butiful things such as seeing placesthat are buitiful.

Alan: Once I wrote a story that was 3 ½ pages long.

Emma: Cool. Why did you want to draw this specific drawing?

Alan: I wanted to do this drawing because its part of the chineese culture.

Emma: So what did you make this drawing out of?

Alan: Oil pastel and back paint. Some pats are colored pencil.

Emma: Cool. How many drawings were in the competition?

Alan: There were 125 drawings.

Emma: Okay. So do you like soccer?

Alan: Ya. For soccer I'm not on a team I'm just really good. I like legos. The lego sets are cool, I guess. I like the difrrent shapes. The first one I go was really easy it was only 88 pieces. I like cars too.

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