Helena Jiang

Helena Jiang is a sweet, shy Third grader who attends in Poway. She is very proud of a poster painting that she made by herself , depicting a beautiful panda holding a flower, and surfing on a lake with dolphins. Helena tells me that it took her a long time to complete the painting and she made it at school, out of paint. She also says that she started painting when she was 3 with her 奶奶. In Her free time, Helena enjoys playing games on the IPad and creating even more 艺术.

Her favorite class is Science; this is because her Science Teacher, Mrs.Sheets, is very nice and she enjoys learning about things.

I asked Helena the question, 你去过中国吗? 印象最深的是什么?, She responded, “ I have been to China and I have 2 families there; one is my 爷爷 and 奶奶. Also, my sister lives there. She is only staying for kindergarten because she was one year too young to come to kindergarten in San Diego. She will come here next year. On New Year’s Eve, she is coming to visit. I am very excited to see her again!”, (I repeated the second part of the question), “ I like China. In China, I paint with my 奶奶 and eat green tea ice cream! My favorite food is Mac & Cheese. In China, I also like to swim in the swimming area.”

Later, I gathered more information. She told me that her favorite holiday is Halloween, but that she doesn’t have a costume yet. Helena’s most favored candy are Fruit Roll-Ups. Also, she doesn’t play sports, although she practices the piano and is learning how to skate. Helena conveyed to me, “我不喜欢数学课”! Helena is still learning to read and write in Chinese, but she is a frequent reader in english. Many times during the interview, she would pick up her friend’s “Captain Underpants” book. I asked her about her love for reading, she told me that she reads many books, but her favorite series is “Magic Rainbow Fairy Books”

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