Ronia Cheng

Ronia Cheng, 8

Ronia Cheng is eight years old this year. She has long, black hair and wears glasses. She as a shy personality, but she is open to you when you personalize with her.

For her drawing, she cut paper snowflakes and pasted them on a piece of paper, creating abstract art. She wrote “paper snowflakes” in Chinese at the top of the page.

Ronia has never been to China before. She has extensive knowledge about modern China, but absolutely no background on Ancient China. She knows China’s cities and provinces fairly well. She also knows about famous places such as the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City.

Ronia has 3 years of art experience. She used to go to an art class called Little Artists. She described it as having easels and teachers coming around, telling you what to do. She also has learned at someone else’s house, where she drew with watercolor.

Some of her hobbies are drawing, and sometimes exercising. She also likes to have times called read-aloud, where teachers read a book aloud to the students. She reads quietly in her spare time. During recess, she plays a game called USA map, where students run to states on the USA map that an “it” shouts out.

Ronia Cheng, 8

Ronia Cheng 今年八岁。 她有黑色的头发,平时都戴着眼镜。 她看起来有点害羞,但是认识以后非常容易相处。


Ronia 从来没去过大陆,但她知道一些关于现代的中国的知识。她不太知道中国历史。她倒是知道中国的城市和省。她认得中国有名的景点,比如长城和故宫。

Ronia 学过三年画画。她以前去了一个叫 “Little artists” 的画画课。她说那里有很多的画架,还有老师走来走去,告诉你下一步应该做什么。她也在另一个人的家里学过水彩画。


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