Trick-or-Treat and Firecracker

An Interview with PPG Student Mandarin Poster Winner Yibin Cai, Kindergarten, Park Village Elementary School

By Irene L. Penev, 4th Grade, Park Village Elementary School

Question: What do you like to do in School?

Yibin Cai, age 5, likes to play with his friends at school. He also enjoys eating snack and doing homework and reading. Last, Yibin likes journal writing.

Question: What is your favorite class?

Yibin’s favorite class is Daily 8s. He enjoys playing with trucks and his doll. One othor class that Yibin likes is writing. He has his own writing board and writes in a journal every morning. He also likes playing with trains. His class number is H109.

Question: Who is your favorite teacher and why?

Yibin loves his teacher Ms. Santos best because she teaches him new thing such as playing with magnet tiles, learning about spiders, and the writing board. She also teaches him to write and read

Question: Where do you learn how to draw?

Yibin learnd to draw in art school with a tutor. He also learnd to draw from his mom and dad.

Question: When did you start drawing?

Yibin started drawing when he was three. He also never saw a painting and became interested in it.

Question: What is the most memorable event in recent years during your study of arts?

Yibin’s most memorial event in his art years is learning to draw spider webs, and he never makes mistakes.

Question: What are your other hobbies?

Yibin’s other hobbies are going to school, doing Daily 8s and skate boarding.

Question: What do you know about China?

The things Yibin knows about China is that his grandma and grandpa live there, and they give him toys. He also knows that he can play on a scary playground, and see scary shirts. Last, he knows about the great wall.

Question: Where and how do you get your knowledge about China?

Yibin learned about China in preschool. He also learned a little from his parents, and himself when he goes to China.

Question: Have you been to China? If yes, what are you most impressed by?

Yibin has been to China and he is impressed by how many people there are, and by the scary trees and trains.

Question: Any other things that you would like to talk about?

Yibin has been trick or treating before. He loves it. He also has been to legoland. He also has watched the lego movie and has a little brother. He buys lunch and wants to go on a train. He has been to Sea World but never went to the beach. When he was one he learned to journal write. One day his dad played basketball and broke his elbow. Yibin has been to Costco and has seen a huge ship. In china Yibin has seen a dragon saw pictures. He also rode a bycecle there. Yibin has always liked drawing and wheres uniforms. Yibin has his imigination. He also drew bein paws, a Chinese ear and dots to make the picture beautiful.

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